Barre 360 is the latest workout combining ballet and pilates-style movements that is taking the fitness scene by storm! It is based on an integrated, pure barre Austin fitness experts have been raving about and is a low-impact, full-body workout that delivers maximum results in record time. Through Barre 360, individuals at all levels can achieve the coveted dancer’s body – long, lean, lifted, and toned.

We’ll combine upbeat music, isometric movements, yoga, pilates, and use of the ballet barre to help you lengthen your body, tone your arms, legs and abs, lift your seat, and develop incredible strength–all through low-impact, small, and highly targeted movements that are safe and achievable for individuals at all levels.

Our barre classes in Austin utilize muscle integration to create balance and proportion in the body. By employing exercises that require a coordinated effort by multiple muscle groups in the body, weaker muscles in the body become strong and stronger muscles become more proportioned. The workout utilizes bodyweight and free weights to develop upper body strength and alternates between strengthening and stretching exercises. The result is a full-body workout for a sculpted body that is balanced and proportioned from head to toe!

BODY 360

If you’re looking to tone up, lose weight or build strength, Body 360 is just for you. In just a half-hour session, you will get the workout you need and have fun doing it. Drills are multi-dimensional and movements are multi-directional in order to build on the fundamentals of strength, core and cardio training. Get ready to be motivated and physically challenged. (Duration: 30 minutes)


Cardio 360 is a high-intensity class that combines traditional high and low-impact exercise with athletic movements to achieve the ultimate high-energy, fat burning workout. This athletic-based cardio class is sure to challenge you with non-stop speed, plyometric exercise, and agility drills. It will keep you moving and guessing – whether it’s inside doing various drills or outside doing sprints, stairs, or running around the Triangle – this class will keep your blood pumpin’! (Duration: 30 minutes)

CORE 360

A strong core is the groundwork for every athlete. Power emanates from this central point and if you’re looking to strengthen, tone, and gain control over this area then Core 360 has your name written all over it. This class will challenge the entire circumference of your core, from the lower back all the way around to the front abdominals, and will keep you moving for the entire length of the class! (Duration: 30 minutes)

FUNK 360

Zumba our way!  One of the most unique and fun workouts.  Increase your heart rate, shed the pounds, and laugh it out with this high-intensity dance cardio class.  We are dancing it out to 80s and 90s with easy-to-follow moves.  (Duration: 1 hour)



Bridge the gap between dance and yoga! Stretch 360 offers total body conditioning by using a variety of techniques to improve flexibility, balance, circulation, joint mobility, endurance, and muscular strength. Reawaken your body through dance and get fit while having fun! (Duration: 30 min or 1 hour)

YOGA 360

Yoga 360 hatha-based classes will help you achieve balance and awareness as you build strength and maximize your flexibility. Each class includes guided breathing, warm-ups to prepare for asana, a sequence of postures, and deep relaxation at the end. Whether you are new to yoga or looking to build on your current practice, this class is for you! Perfect to do by itself or after your regular gym workout to release deep muscle tension and promote a general sense of well-being no matter what time of day. (Duration: 1 hour)