Barre 360

Current special: $79/month for unlimited barre classes and gym membership.

We are so excited to be offering Barre 360 at Fitness 360! Check out class offerings on our schedule and reserve  your spot in a class today!

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What is Barre 360?
Barre 360 is the latest workout combining ballet and pilates-style movements that is taking the fitness scene by storm! It is based on an integrated, pure barre Austin fitness experts have been raving about and is a low-impact, full-body workout that delivers maximum results in record time. Through Barre 360, individuals at all levels can achieve the coveted dancer’s body – long, lean, lifted, and toned.

We’ll combine upbeat music, isometric movements, yoga, pilates, and use of the ballet barre to help you lengthen your body, tone your arms, legs and abs, lift your seat, and develop incredible strength–all through low-impact, small, and highly targeted movements that are safe and achievable for individuals at all levels.

Our barre classes in Austin utilize muscle integration to create balance and proportion in the body. By employing exercises that require a coordinated effort by multiple muscle groups in the body, weaker muscles in the body become strong and stronger muscles become more proportioned. The workout utilizes bodyweight and free weights to develop upper body strength and alternates between strengthening and stretching exercises. The result is a full-body workout for a sculpted body that is balanced and proportioned from head to toe!

Class availability and pricing
Those looking for the best barre classes Austin has to offer will be pleased to know that Barre 360 classes are open to Fitness 360 members and non-members. To find out about individual class prices and class packages for members, please call the gym at (512) 233-0100 and speak with one of Fitness 360’s friendly team members. Our current special offers unlimited Barre and all Fitness 360 classes, along with a full gym membership, for only $79/month. Learn more here.

Barre 360 classes are offered at convenient times that allow you to make the most of your workouts and fitness routine. To see a schedule of current class offerings, click here. Without question, our current special of $79/month for unlimited Barre 360 classes and 24-hour gym memberships offers the most options at the most affordable rate. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better price for Barre and other classes at studios around Austin, and our special also includes a full-scale gym membership! However, we have various membership packages and options for individual classes if that is better-suited to your schedule. Individual classes start at just $20 per class. To learn more about this special, click here or call (512) 233-0100 for more information.

Class attire and equipment 
No special attire is required for Barre 360, except for socks. Socks should have rubber grips on the bottom to keep you steady during movements on the classroom’s wood floors. Fitness360 will have socks available for purchase before any class. Attire required for Barre 360 is similar to what you would wear to a yoga or pilates class: comfortable and stretchy fabric you can move in.

In addition to socks and comfortable attire, we recommend you bring a water bottle with you for the 60 min. class. All other equipment will be provided.

Can I take Barre 360?
Barre 360 involves a pure barre in Austin comprising a challenging but low-impact workout with no cardio or jumping and safe for individuals at all fitness levels, including expectant mothers. As always, consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program and talk to your Barre 360 instructor about how to amend your Barre 360 routine if you are pregnant.

Benefits of Barre:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Muscle endurance
  • Lean, cut muscles
  • High muscle definition in the upper arms, legs and backside
  • Improved posture
  • Thinner legs
  • A defined seat and stronger hamstrings
  • Strong, flat abdominal
  • Increased energy
  • Extended sense of youth
  • Targeted “hard-to-reach” areas
  • Quick results
  • Invigorating and refreshing